Recitals & Events

Recital PerformanceThe tradition of student recitals at the Cappelli Institute is in accordance with our belief that individual development in musical performance is greatly enhanced by  public performance.  In particular the recital encourages students to think about their participation in music in a broader sense.   Learning to musically project a broad dynamic range in a larger setting than accustomed  to during  home practice or while at studio lessons is useful in many ways . 

We encourage our students to include personal expression appropriate to the musical genre and form into their performances.  

Semester goals often include a recital performance.  Instructors at CIM work with their students to perfect certain choices or musical selections that are to be perfected for recital performance.  Having the performance goal helps to keep sharp focus on progress and development.Recital PerformanceStudents who enjoy good and excellent recital performances benefit from the positive experience.

Students are recommended to participate in Recitals by their instructor.  Students work with their instructor well in advance of the Recitals to insure readiness in all aspects of the performance and question period.  We feel it is important to have students keep pace with knowledge of all areas of their musical studies including note reading, rhythmic accuracy and counting, key signatures, sight reading, scales, exercises and musical terminology. 

Nineteenth Century Club

Cappelli student recitals are held at the Nineteenth Century Club in Oak Park, IL.  There students have the opportunity to perform in a lovely and stately hall with a formal stage setting before their peers, invited friends and families.  Our recitals are kept to approximately one hour in duration.  Sign-up sheets for recitals are posted in the main waiting room at the Institute.


We remind students and their families that we request all in attendance to stay for the entire recital in respect of the others who will play.  We also request that quiet is maintained by every person in attendance and that if younger family members or guests become restless that they are accompanied to the lobby so as not to disturb those in performance.  We allow photography and recording if done discreetly.  We regret that we cannot accept special requests for performance at any certain or particular time during a recital.  The order of students is chosen in advance.

Recitals and EventsRecital participation fee is $10.00.  Instrumental accompaniment fee is $20.00 (for those who require a piano accompaniment for their vocal or instrumental performance)  in addition to the recital fee per student and includes a short rehearsal prior to the recital. 

A participant in our recent casual Adult Recital Gathering delights listeners with her performance. Other adult students contributed their performances of famous piano and vocal works. The evening was enjoyed by all!

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