Cappelli Tribute

Dr. Amo Cappelli (1929-1984) Prior to Jeffrey Cappelli founding the Cappelli Institute in the mid 1980's, his parents and grandparents also were involved with music performance both in the United States and abroad. Paternal grandfather Mario Cappelli, an operatic tenor made his career in New York. His son Amo Cappelli concertized throughout Europe and performed regularly for Radio Free Europe during the Korean conflict while in the armed services. After returning home Dr. Amo Cappelli established himself as a piano teacher of note in Chicago and throughout the Western Suburbs.

Jeff established the Cappelli Institute of Music following his father's death and after considerable experience teaching piano as an Associate Instructor at Indiana University and later in-home based piano lessons. It was his desire to create a more professional atmosphere for lessons and make the weekly lesson experience as meaningful as possible that lead to the establishment of a physical location for music instruction.

Since establishing the school faculty and staff continue to enjoy the collegial atmosphere of the many fine music instructors on staff.


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