A Message from Jeff Cappelli

Thank you for visiting our site. We believe that music education is an important part of individual development. Music, the practice, playing and performance of music and the sharing thereof are all things which make life better-in every way. Therefore I encourage you to  join us. We are delighted to introduce music to beginning students of all ages, to pick up wherever you may have left off or take music performance to the highest level. The development of musical skills can be practiced at any age.

Pythagoras theorized that even in the movements of the sun, stars and moon where an orchestrated music, a symphony of the physical realm. Certainly music is elemental in life and fundamental to our balance in life. Indeed music, nature and life harmonize naturally. Music is good for life.

Everyone who participates in music may discover among many other positive attributes-infinite variations of sound and timbre or tone color. These phenomena come together with organized pitch and rhythms to such an extent as to have the ability to influence our feelings and emotions. Indeed students of every age and ability can experience the power, joy and essence of music and enhance our music-in-life experience by being an important part of it.

Jeff CappelliThank you for visiting with us. I appreciate your valuable time and consideration in allowing us to be meaningful in the music education of your family and in our community.

- Jeff Cappelli

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