Cappelli Programs

Student Progress Report

Instructors provide a student progress report for those of appropriate age - each semester.  The progress report inclues observations, thoughts and recommendations regarding the individual student's development in essential and foundational skills including:

Essential Skills:Cappelli Programs

  • Note Reading
  • Time and Note Values
  • Understanding Clefs
  •  Key and Time Signature Awareness and Identification
  • Practice Discipline and Lesson Accomplishment
  • Students Ability to Interpret Musical Line-Phrasing and Shape

Individual Performance:

  • Weekly Progress
  • Repertoire Maintenance
  • Scales and Technique
  •  Student Progress
  • Accomplishment of Semester Goals
  • Recital Preparation

In addition to, and included with the Individual Progress Report, students are recommended by their instructor for participation in any upcoming recital events based on their semester performance.  Students are recommended but not required to participate in recital performances.  

Private Music Instruction

Private Instruction is the cornerstone and primary music education offering at CIM. Piano, voice, violin, guitar, bass (electric and double bass), drums and percussion, harp, music theory and composition are currently offered.

Instructors work exclusively with one student per lesson (30, 45 or 60 minutes), per week. Focus is on individual development in fundamental skills related to their instrument of choice. Achievement and progress in gaining new repertoire, technique, sight reading, expression, performance technique and maintenance of previous repertoire are the basis for personal instruction.

 "Recital Participation".

Recital Preparation

All students are welcome to participate in student recitals. If any student does wish to participate they must be recommended to be included in the upcoming recital by their instructor. The instructor will select an appropriate musical selection and plan throughout the current or future semester to bring the musical selection to relative perfection by daily practice as suggested at weekly lessons. The performance selection should be perfected at least one month prior to the performance date. Students who are not well prepared will not be invited to participate.

  • Recital selections should be of appropriate duration for age and level. Instructors will help in this regard.
  • Memorization is suggested although not required.
  • Students should practice in mock-home and lesson performances prior to the recital event.

Instrumentalists who require an accompanist will submit an accompanist request form. This form is available in the office. Accompanist Charges apply for rehearsal and performances. Please check with the office about accompaniment costs.

Recital participation fee is $10.00 per student.

Music Theory

CIM Instructors offer Music Theory & Music Appreciation both privately and in class form. Topics include the life and times of great composers and the theory, form and style of their greatest works. Also explored are fundamentals of theory and harmony. 
*Refunds are not offered for missed classes.

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