Our Teaching Philosophy

Music for Life

Piano LessonsMusic is a universal language that can be enjoyed at any age. Many students study for recreational purposes while others have serious goals and may be preparing for a career in music. With a wide and diverse student body, Cappelli Institute of Music is dedicated to supporting a wide range of musical endeavors.

The staff at Cappelli Institute consists of highly qualified instructors who teach with the student's individual needs in mind. Individual learning projects are designed for each student and progress is observed through a variety of student assessments and optional recitals.

Through careful examination of musical construction, students learn how to successfully navigate, interpret, control and shape music from any era and simultaneously gain a refined ability for listening enjoyment.

Private Music LessonsMuch of our approach addresses "Form & Style" and is specifically designed to help students learn how to skillfully "shape" music. In a sense, our approach is geared first toward mastering basics of note reading and location, rhythm and terminology. Then we go beyond the notes and symbols using these developing skills and applying these abilities into appropriate interpretation and mature performances. We feel that this lesson to performance structure is good also because it allows us together to be 'goal oriented." Each lesson has a purpose and each lesson accomplishes a next step to our destination for the session.

Please consider joining us for a comprehensive adventure in music. Music is one of life's finest resources. We are eager to participate in the music education of your family.

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