Chicago Piano Service Inc.Chicago Piano Service Inc.

Chicago Piano Service offers piano tuning, repair and maintainance for most types of pianos. Our customers include individuals, businesses, churches, schools, insurance professionals, musicians and musical organizations.

We tune and repair pianos in the Chicago metropaolitan area and Chicago north and west suburbs.  For more information, please visit our website:
For scheduling purposes call: 708-771-8388.

Piano Restoration







At Chicago Piano Service, we believe in a union of time honored methods and techniques combined with modern materials and technology. Skilled piano craftsmen at Piano Renaissance can restore any suitable piano to an excellent physical and fully functional state.

Our services include minor repairs to major restoration. The  rebuilding process involves dedication and our commitment to excellence. The Renaissance piano restoration process returns each piano to original excellence as a vibrant and lyrical musical instrument.

All piano rebuilding, refinishing and restoration work is accomplished on site at our piano shop facility in Westmont, IL.

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