Online Lessons

Make Your Submission to the Cappelli Legacy Recital.

Cappelli Institute of Music students are welcome to submit recorded performances to this portal.

 We will begin accepted performances for submission in the fall session.  Please stay tuned for more information.








Preparation for recorded performances:

Students should consider their online video performances as important as performances at our in-person, on-site student recitals, such as those held at the 19th Century Club.  Practice as you would for any performance event, focusing on perfection and expressive musical performance.



Recording Space is Available to Students:

The Cappelli Institute will allow students to record their performance at CIM (1053 Lake St., Oak Park) along with professional accompaniment if desired.  A fee of $35.00 per half hour of room usage time will be charged for the use of space and piano and accompanist fees for instrumentalists will apply.  Students will use their own recording equipment (iPhone, iPad or video recorder) to make their recording.  Student and Accompanist may use a studio room privately for the time needed to record their performance.  Piano keys are cleaned prior to and after recording if a CIM piano is used.  Our pianos are maintained in excellent tune and condition.  This option may be of benefit to your Legacy Performance Recording.