About Us

Community Outreach:

As an active member of the community, CIM provides both education and outreach opportunities through various programs, including  Music of the Masters recitals available to retirement and nursing homes and Institute- sponsored concerts benefiting causes including Misericordia, the Ronald McDonald House near Loyola, breast cancer research at the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Program at Northwestern University and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  At the Cappelli Institute, our passion for the enjoyment and power of music is something that we enjoy sharing with others.  We continue to offer special programs to benefit special causes, bringing community awareness by sharing music in order to help others.



Cappelli Benefit Concerts are presented by Jeffrey Cappelli and Cappelli Institute staff members for the purpose of contributing to a special cause.  Cappelli benefit concerts have been presented for the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Center at Northwestern Hospital, Misericordia Home, Ronald McDonald House near Loyola and St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis.  These special events showcase the talents within the Cappelli Music Institution and simultaneously raise valuable funding for critical needed special causes. 


 At various times throughout the year, students may be invited to participate in special concert events such as those to our neighboring retirement facilities.  We have found this to be an excellent way to inspire our young artists to share their skills and to reach out in a meaningful and expressive way such as music performance, to persons with limited mobility.  Students may also be invited to perform solo repertoire for groups which we are affiliated with such as the River Forest Oak Park Kiwanis Club.

Benefit Concerts:

Jeffrey Cappelli teaches a lecture at the Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL

Greg and Jeff Cappelli with Sister Rosemary Connelly at Misericordia.

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