Music Lessons

Private Guitar Instruction in Oak Park, Illinois

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Beginning guitar students discuss different types of guitars; electric, acoustic, classical, guitar body components and string names with their instructor.  Students learn proper techniques for picking open strings and fretting with their left hand.  With both hands independently comfortable early technical exercises are introduced combining both skills.  The beginner guitar student is introduced to sheet music, note reading, triads, basic chords and favorite songs.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

The intermediate player continues all beginner requisites in review with their instructor. Students are invited to suggest songs they would like to learn along with instructor assignments. Introduction to scales, sight reading, changing between chords, soloing, switching between different chords in time, basic music theory, and playing in time with a metronome.

Advanced Guitar Lessons

Advanced guitarist focus on technique and the most effective way to play.  Scale studies through the circle of 4ths, learning advanced chords in all keys, all notes on the fretboard, jazz theory, sight reading in different positions, playing different styles of music, advanced music theory, and jazz improvisation.  Students are welcome to present music they would like to work on in addition to instructor suggestions.


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