Online Lessons

Cappelli Institute Music Lessons are currently offered online with each Cappelli Institute Instructor, for new and continuing students. Contact us regarding our Virtual Music Lessons. 

virtual music lessons

Zoom lessons:  In order to utilize lessons through Zoom (the most common online meeting format), please download the Zoom Cloud Meeting App prior to your lesson time.  You must have the app installed in order to utilize this service.  Click “Join Meeting” and enter your teacher’s meeting ID which you will be given in advance.

We have found Virtual Lessons to be an excellent alternative at this time.  As much as we would like to see you in person, we choose to respect the opinions of local and national public officials, medical professionals, student families and instructors in continuing with Zoom lessons at this time.

Tips for optimizing the online format:

  • Students families should have their device; iPhone, iPad, computer or other phone set up and ready prior to the lesson. Parents are welcome to attend a young students lesson.
  • Look for a best angle showing piano keys and hands in the event of a piano lesson, or the view which seems most appropriate for stringed instruments or voice.
  • Avoid running other computers or online activities at the same time the lesson is taking place as it can strain Wi Fi clarity and signal strength.
  • Consider an external mic for improved sound quality.
  • Students should not accept e mails or texts or touch the screen to activate emoji’s or to be distracted from the lesson in any way during the lesson.
  • Avoid having the camera facing a bright light such as angled up into a piano lamp or sunlit window as this will cause the view to be darker.
  • Practice a Zoom session with a family member or friend so that you are familiarized and comfortable with using.

Future lessons can be handled through Zoom during inclement weather when travel is difficult, mild illness, problems with transportation or even while traveling.







The Cappelli Institute’s Covid-19 Abatement Policy:

  • Every person who enters the building must wear a mask for the entire time they are at the lesson and inside our space.  All Persons Entering are required to sanitize hands.  Everyone must bring and wear their own masks. If a mask is not present you will be asked to leave.
  • Teachers and students are asked not to come into our space if they either have a fever or exhibit any COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • Please do not come to lessons while experiencing any symptoms which may be related in any way to COVID-19.  These include fever, nausea, exhaustion and tiredness, coughing, sneezing, aches or pains and runny nose.  Virtual Lessons may be scheduled in place of in-person, in-studio lessons.
  • Please do not bring additional persons who are not taking a lesson.
  • Students must be picked up immediately following their lesson.
  • Our HVAC filters are changed regularly, and teaching rooms are equipped with Air filtration consoles which have 4 stage filtration and plasma wave technology.
  • Piano Keys and surfaces are cleaned before each lesson.
  • Hand Sanitizer is on-site for your use.
  • Office visits for the purpose of making payments or scheduling changes can be accommodated by calling 708-445-8460.  Payments can be made by US mail, on our web site through Pay Pal or charged to a credit card by phone.

If special arrangements are made for you to come into, or enter our common areas, use a washroom, enter offices or lesson rooms at The Cappelli Institute, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

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