Music Lessons

The Cappelli Institute of Music provides individual music instruction in beginning, intermediate and advanced levels for students of all ages and abilities. We offer daytime, afternoon and evening on-site and virtual music lessons.

private Music lessons; online and on-site in the heart of oak park, IL

Music for Life

Music is a universal language that can be enjoyed at any age. Many students study for recreational purposes while others have serious goals and may be preparing for a career in music. With a wide and diverse student body, Cappelli Institute of Music is dedicated to supporting a wide range of musical endeavors.

The staff at Cappelli Institute consists of highly qualified instructors who teach with each student’s individual needs in mind. Weekly and long term assignments are designed for each student and progress is observed through a variety of student assessments and optional recitals.

Through careful examination of musical construction, students learn how to successfully navigate, interpret, control and shape music from any era and gain a renewed ability for listening enjoyment.

Much of our approach addresses “Form & Style” and is specifically designed to help students learn to skillfully “shape” music. By mastering basics of note reading and location, rhythm and terminology and  going beyond notes and symbols we are able to achieve a higher level of performance for each student. We feel that this lesson to performance structure is best because together we are able to reach our musical goals. Each lesson has a purpose, and each lesson accomplishes a next step to our destination for the session.

Please consider joining us for a comprehensive adventure in music. Music is one of life’s finest resources. We are eager to participate in the music education of your family.







 A Community Music School

Students join the Cappelli Institute from Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park, Riverside, Elmwood Park, Downtown Chicago, North, West and South Suburbs and other Chicago Metropolitan Communities.

Lesson Scheduling

Call 708-445-8460 or submit an inquiry form.
* For information on pricing, schedules, and policies, see our registration page.

Adult Music Instruction

CIM encourages all ages, including adults and seniors, to actively participate in music. Our professional staff will accommodate all levels of experience, beginning or continuing in musical study.

Daytime Instruction

Daytime Music Lessons are offered as a convenience for homeschool students, adults with flexible hours, retirees and senior citizens.

Private Instruction

Lessons are enjoyable and paced appropriately to student goals.  Beginning or re-connecting in music lessons is appropriate at any age.

Adult Class Recitals

Each semester, adult students have the opportunity to perform for each other in a relaxed, supportive setting.  Adult Soiree Recitals are followed by refreshments and time to discuss performances and pieces, while  socializing with fellow adult music students.  Family members and friends are invited for enjoyment and support.

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Cappelli Institute Music Programs

Student Progress

Instructors work with students at their weekly lesson to include and emphasize essential elements of music.

Essential Skills:

  • Note Reading
  • Understanding Time and Note Values
  • Understanding Clefs
  •  Key and Time Signature Awareness and Identification
  • Practice Discipline and Lesson Accomplishment
  • Musical Dynamics
  • Musical Terms
  • Phrasing and Musical Shape
  • Relationship of Keys, Circle of Fifths *age and level appropriate

Individual Performance:

  • Weekly Lesson Support
  • Repertoire Building and Maintenance
  • Scales and Technical Exercise
  • Accomplishment of Semester Goals
  • Recital Preparation

Students are recommended by their instructor for participation in upcoming recital events based on their semester performance.  Students are encouraged, but not required to participate in recital performances.


Students are welcome to participate in recitals.  If a student wishes to participate, they must be recommended to upcoming recitals by their instructor. The instructor will suggest appropriate musical selections and help the student to master their selections.  Performance selections should be musically comfortable at least one month prior to the performance date. 

  • Recital selections should be of appropriate duration for age and level. Instructors will help in this regard.
  • Memorization is suggested although not required.
  • Students should practice in-home and in-lesson performances prior to the recital event.

Instrumentalists who require an accompanist will submit an accompanist request form. This form is available in the office. Accompanist Charges apply for rehearsal and performances.  Please check with the office about accompaniment costs.


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