Music Lessons


“Part of the pleasure of retirement is the chance to study the piano again.”

“I’ve always enjoyed playing and practicing but find it much more rewarding now that I have the time to devote to it.  What better way to keep fingers nimble and the mind stimulated!

Studying with Jeff has been really enjoyable because of the insight he brings to our music and the challenges he sets forth in developing and perfecting our choices.  Striving for that goal is part of the fun in studying and once it’s been achieved, what a great sense of accomplishment!

Music is for everyone – it’s ageless.  No matter where one ranks in talent, just enjoy the joys that music provides. “

– Donna Bush

“This isn’t the piano lesson you remember from 5th grade.”

“The great thing about Jeff Cappelli is that he doesn’t teach a lesson, he teaches a person.  Our weekly hour is about finding the music in me and teaching me how to best bring it out; I’m not sure how he bears up under the process, but he gets results.  Maybe it’s the caffeine, always ready to jump start my 9 a.m. body, maybe it’s a few laughs between arpeggios…but no, it’s the music I didn’t know I had in me.  It’s the music he helps me discover and take home to brighten all the hours of my week.  Thanks, Jeff, for all the happy hours. “

– Mary Goulding

The Cappelli Institute of Music has been a part of our family’s life for almost a decade.  Both our sons Max and Gabriel have taken piano.  And once, when Gabriel broke his arm, Jeff was kind enough to let a parent sit in for a few amazing lessons.  But to talk about Cappelli’s in terms of “music lesson” greatly understates all that goes on behind that simple door off Lake Street.  Walk through the door and you encounter a peaceful, civilized place filled with the sounds and sights of students earnestly trying to improve their musical skills while unknowingly their very selves.  What a pleasant contrast to the hustle and bustle of everyday work and school in Chicago!  Our sons have become good pianists over the years, but more importantly, they’ve become better people for all the time they spent with the Cappelli staff as well as the great composers.  They built self-confidence through Cappelli’s regular recitals, they learned the role of practice and persistence in accomplishing anything worthwhile, and they learned how to carry themselves as young adults through the models of patience, commitment, and civility that they encountered every week in the dedicated teachers of the Cappelli Institute of Music.  We are moving to Michigan next year, and we only wish we could take Cappelli’s with us!

– Bill & Marge Novak

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