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Private Voice Instruction in Oak Park, Illinois

Beginner Voice Lessons:

Our staff voice teachers will introduce beginner voice students to the basics fundamentals of healthy vocal production – Support, Intonation, and Proper Vowel Production. 

Intermediate Voice Lessons:

A more technical approach to vocal instruction is possible as the student ages, as the student’s muscular faculty develops, and as the vocal mechanism matures. Students may begin to study classical repertoire, and may be introduced to the basics of diction (the proununciation of songs written in foreign languages). Further training of the support mechanism will ensue, along with an increased emphasis on developing a basic understanding of line, legato, and phrasing.

Advanced Voice Lessons:

As the student advances and embraces their core technique, studies can advance to a degree that classical arias may be explored, as well as other varied repertoire. Increased emphasis will be placed on phrasing, characterization, and diction, with specific emphasis being placed upon proper diction and the shaping of German and Italian vowels. Students at this phase of study should feel comfortable approaching English songs, as well as Italian and German Opera Arias alike.

Musical Theater Curriculum

The musical theater style of singing is, at it’s core, fundamentally based in the same principles that one would apply when singing in a “Classical’ setting. Breath control, support, and suspension of the musculuature supporting the ribcage are all critical to singing in this particular style. All Cappelli Institute of Music Voice instructors are well versed to train you to perform in styles spanning all musical genres – from Sondheim to Salieri ,and everything else in between.

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