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Private Violin Instruction in Oak Park, Illinois

Study Violin at the Cappelli Institute of Music:

The Cappelli Institute of Music offers violin lessons for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.  A combination of Traditional and Suzuki Methods are used which provide critical ear training development and the ability to read music simultaneously. Suzuki may be used as a basis with sight-reading exercises for a more well-rounded approach.

Beginner Violin Lessons:

Learn how to properly hold the violin and grip the bow, care for their instrument, adjust the tightness of the bow and rosin the bow hair. Students see how the violin is tuned. Introductory note reading and identification and time and note values are explained and demonstrated.  Introduction to daily practice and sound quality.    

Intermediate Violin Lessons:

Build on existing skills and focus on strong technique, note reading, beginning etudes, scales and solo violin repertoire.  A continuation of Suzuki and Tradition repertoire will be taught.

Advanced Violin Lessons:

Continue their studies with challenging etudes including Kreutzer, Galamian Scales, Dont and Schradieck.  Major violin repertoire is introduced and studied.  Students and their teacher will prepare for orchestral auditions, competitions, and solo engagements.  Advanced technical skills are carefully taught and demonstrated by the Instructor.

Correct Posture, intonation, left and right-hand bowing techniques, tone color and quality of sound are stressed at every level.

Our Violin Instructors

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Lessons With Working Professional Musicians.


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